Nie Chen, tian jin, wu shangzhi visited CCBN2017

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On the morning of March 23, Vice Minister of the Central Propaganda Department, Party Secretary and Director of the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, Nie Chenxi, and members of the party group, deputy director Tian Jin and Wu Shangzhi came to the China International Exhibition Center to visit the 25th China International Radio and Television Information Network Exhibition (CCBN2017).

Nie Chenxi, Tian Jin and Wu Shangzhi visited the radio and television converged media production and service cloud platform, central kitchen converged media solution, 4K ultra-high definition program production overall solution, wired and wireless integration integration, ultra-wide network solution , Converged Access, Quantum Communications, Information Network Security, Big Data Storage and Applications, Internet of Things and Smart City, Smart Home and Smart Terminals, Smart TV Operating System, Multi-Screen Fusion, CDR Digital Audio Broadcasting, Network Audiovisual, VR ( Virtual reality, China's digital copyright management ecosystem, emergency broadcast technology research laboratory, public service (direct broadcast satellite and terrestrial TV) and other recent developments in radio, film and television technology, fully affirmed this exhibition, highly praised CCBN2017 in promoting China's radio, film and television technology plays an important role in integrating innovation, promoting the application of new technologies, and promoting international exchanges and cooperation.

Release time: 2017-04-12

Source of information: CCBN Organizing Committee
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